Over the knee boots 

Hi everyone! Hope you are doing well! 🙂 Today I thought to talk to you about my newest favorite trend the over the knee boots! Even though when they first came out they were almost all of them with high heels and for evening wear nowadays there is such a great variety of colors, heel…


Hi everyone!! Today I want to share with you my new sandals that I bought from an e-shop called sandalista. Sandalista makes 100% handmade and Greek sandals in excellent quality and elegant lines with a presence in both international and national markets.

Silia D. Sandals

One of the best things of staying in Athens in August are the offers in the shops. Since not many people are here you have the chance to look around and when you decide to buy something, you are not worried that it will be already gone! That’s how I ended up buying these 3…

New Mara Sandals for the Summer

      Love my new pair of shoes from Mara Shoes Fashion!! The white line in the bottom is so in style this summer and the black and brown color can be worn with literally everything!! Which one do you like better???