Exploring Syros

During August I had the chance to make 2 awesome trips. One of the destinations was the island of Syros.

Syros is one of the Cyclades islands in the Aegean sea. The capital of all the Cyclades islands is Ermoupoli which is also the actual capital of Syros and it’s port where we were staying.
The night we arrived we ate a souvlaki and did a quick walk through the port to admire the sea.
The first day we went to Galissas beach. A well organized beach with a beach bar sezlong and umbrellas. The sea was not very deep and the beach had very small sand.
Next stop the tavern. We came back to the port for lunch where we ate at Peri Tinos a great restaurant with very good dishes. If you visit it make sure to eat the Marathopita.
During the evening we decided to take a walk at the city center where we run into an event called white night. What they do is keeping the stores open until 12 at night and putting out of the stores loukoumia and beverages to welcome people. The streets are full of music that is the same in all the city and it is an amazing experience! It’s like playing in a movie!!!
The next and last day unfortunately on the island we went to Kokkina beach. An unorganized beach where we were lucky enough to find a shadow to sit below. The beauty of this beach is remarkable. The water is crystal clear and you feel like leaving everything behind and relaxing!!
Unfortunately we only had two days in the island and that night we had to leave for Athens again. So until my next adventure keep tuned!

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