7 Secrets to travel like a Pro

How many times have you traveled and you felt that you are lost? Your bag is too big to carry, or it is a such a mess and you cannot find your things anywhere, you always end carrying more things that you can hold and you end up frustrated.  Did I just describe all of your trips? Mine as well until some time ago! Now I have a new system and my traveling experience has totally changed!
So let’s get started :

Tip #1

Get a small clutch with a zipper that you would have it around your wrist. There you will put your ticket, phone, papers and some emergency money. In that way, you will not have to open your bag every five minutes As the things you need will be isolated and easy to reach.

Tip #2

Be earlier there. Aside from the fact That if you try to be there Just on time you will Get anxious and your phycology will be bad, by arriving earlier you can browse the duty-free shops, you can enjoy a coffee, Go first in the plain and avoid the crowd and the full cabins above your head. In that way, you take the bad psychology out of the equation.

Tip #3

Pack light. Now here there are two scenarios the one is going for small trip lets say 3-5 days and the other that you Go for more than a week. In the first scenario, my advice is to take only a backpack and a small language with you. You won’t have to wait to take your baggage when you get there and also by using a small case you have fewer choices and you actually take With you the absolutely necessary. Now in the case of a more than a week flight, I understand a small baggage is not very comfortable. Here my advice is not to exaggerate. For example, you don’t have to take two outfits for one day. You can use some clothes from the morning outfit and add something to the evening one. Also, don’t bring all your makeup with you just the absolutely necessary. Noone likes to put a lot of makeup during holidays so stick to the things you will actually use.

Tip #4

I choose suitcases with 4 wheels. They are much Easier to push, and you do not have to pick them up and have this weight on you As well.

Tip #5

Take a nap pillow. Trust me it will save you. You would be able to sleep without hurting your neck and especially for long hours flights is perfect.

Tip #6

Take a good book or your music With you. I personally envy those that Can read during Flights As I Get motion sick and cannot. But I Still Get my music With me and try to relax during the trip. Another idea I recently had is to try listening to an audio book. I will let you know how that will do.

Tip #7

Plan it early. That is probably the Best advice. Most of us just wait to see where we will go a month before tops. That’s wrong. You want to do a travel? Plan ahead. Booking has amazing offers if you check now for December lets say the prices will be perfect. In that way, you save money and of course if you need to cancel the Booking if you do it two weeks before you won’t be charged anything! Try it and you will see the difference. Just for a start you can make a reservation through this link and after your stay, you will have 10% return as well https://www.booking.com/s/danai557

So that is my tips for better traveling. What are yours??


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