The amazing world of mini products

Hi, guys! Today’s post is about a product category that I have grown to adore: the mini products!!

As you probably already know the products that you can purchase out there, regarding cosmetics, are numerous. You will never be able to try them all so you will probably stick with the first one that will cover your needs at least on some level. What if I say to you that you don’t have to give a lot of money and still be able to try every product you want? And here come the minis!!
Minis are small size products that you can purchase but of course a lot cheaper than the normal size. By doing that you can test a product before investing your money on taking a big size.
An excellent tip regarding the body creams, shampoos, and conditioners: the smaller the size the tenser the smell. 😉
One great way to start is either asking your favorite brand for their minis or by taking beauty boxes that contain special sizes of products. That’s how I found my favorite hair products (if you haven’t seen them check the post here). The two beauty boxes I am currently buying is Glowbox and Cherrybox!
What are your thoughts regarding minis? Do you agree that it’s a smart way of deciding??

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