Saryna key hair therapy

Hi guys!! Today I though to share with you my new addiction! The Saryna key hair products! First time I used them from Glowbox (one of the present of the march box) and since then I haven’t stop using them.

Since I used to experiment with my hair (going from red to blonde, to black, to red and so on..) you can easily imagine that my hair need extra care so I when the 3in1 Set of Pure African Shea Shampoo+Butter+Oil came with the box I was thrilled to try it out.


From then on my collection get bigger!! I am using the shampoo, the butter and the gloss spray of the damage repair line! Aside from having a wonderfull effect in my hair they also smell amazing!! šŸ™‚

Now I am using the following products from the Damage Repair series:

  • Shea Butter
  • Shea Oil
  • Gloss Spray
  • Shampoo

You can check them out here and also find out more for the rest of the series of the brand. Now regarding where you can find them. I personally shop them from 2 different online shops:

  1. Sadhu Hair
  2. Glowbox

Let me know what products do you use for your hair. Are you happy with them?




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