Berlin trip


Hi everyone!! During May I had the oppurtunity to visit Berlin in Germany. It was a great experience! I got to see two of my friends in the trip and also I explored a new city with a different culture than ours.

Well, first of all I can tell that even though my german are quite hamble and strickly limited to the following three expressions “Auf Wiedersehen” (Bye), “Entschuldigung!” (Sorry), “Ich verstehe kein Deutsch.” (I do not understand German) I had no problem on communicating whatsoever. Everyone was so nice and polite and talked in English.

Moreover, I had the chance to visit many places and see many different sceneries. Berlin is a city with many different landscapes and you can definetely ind your  ideal one if you just look for it. Also regarding the food we didnt have an agenda and we mostly ate street hot dogs which I think is the best choice there. 🙂

I have gathered my favorite photos above and also made a video from my trip that you see below:


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