What color are you?

Hi everyone! Today I would like to share with you something I learned this past month! Everyone knows that some colors compliment them the most and they have found those colors by trial, but did you know that there is an easiest way to find out your colors??

There is a process where a stylist can find the color pallete that represents you the most! I might not be a stylist but I can share with you some questions that by answering them you can find your color pallete!! 🙂

First of all there are four palettes that are named by the four seasons: Spring, Summer, Winter and Autumn! These palletes can also be divided in two major categories cold and warm! Can you guess which seasons goes where? Let me give you a hand Spring and Autumn are warm and Summer and winter are cold! The way to remember it us that warm or cold colors characterize those seasons the most!

So the first part is to see if you belong to warm or cokd seasons! The test to see that is with the following 3 steps:

  1. Does silver or gold suits you best? (Gold is warm and silver is cold)
  2. Does your vains looks blue or green? (Green is warm and blue is cold)
  3. What color are your eyes? (Green and blue is cold and brown and black is warm)

Now that we have made the first step we will find out which season represents us. We have to see if we have light or dark hair. 

  • Light hair are blonde, light brown, light red
  • Dark hair are black, dark brown, dark red

Now that we have both the information needed you can find in which seasonal pallete you belong to:

  1. Warm and Light is Spring
  2. Warm and Dark is Autumn
  3. Cold and Light is Summer
  4. Cold and Dark is Winter

Below I have four color palettes that you can keep to have an idea of what colors really suits you based on your season:


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