Glowbox March

Hi everyone! I am very excited to share with you my first glowbox! Fir thise of you who are not familiar glowbox is a subscription gift package that contains a variety of beauty products and you can subscribe for 1, 3 or 6 montgs depending on how much money you want to spend!

I subscribed for three months and my first box arrived!! Now we can see together what it contained!

The box included seven things:

  1. BEAUTY LOOP : Liquid Matte Lipstick Coquette
  2. LAOUTA : Repair Balm
  3. QUICK FIX FACIALS : Purifying Charcoal Mask
  4. BLUE SCENTS : Body Scrub Ρόδι
  5. LIFELIKES : Martaki
  6. SARYNA KEY : 3in1 Set of Pure African Shea Shampoo+Butter+Oil
  7. NUXE : Nuxellence eye cream

My favorite one is the saryna key products package! They already did amazing job with my hair and I have ordered the normal size of the products so as to start using them in a daily bases! And they smell amazing!!! I am trying to find that smell in a fragrance as well but so far i haven’t found something quite similar.. If you are familiar with the smell and know where to find a fragrance like that please let me know!!! 🙂

If you liked the products you can see the available glowboxes here!


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