Daily routine 

I always envy those women that despite the time they had to go to work they were always absolutely stunning. Their hair looked amazing their make up just like the ones in a magazine and their style impeccable!

Unfortunately I am not one of them. I have days where my hair are just inexplicable, the eye liner won’t stay in the line and what started as a pin up make up ends up to a dark smokey eye.. And as for clothes I always don’t know what to wear and in the last minute I grab what I see without even thinking about it in order not to be late!

But one day I sat down and thought how can they do it and I can’t?  Why is it so difficult?  And the funny thing is that the answer was there all along:

Organise and throw away!

This simple moto will change your daily routine! 

First of all you have to have only 30 pieces with which you combine and dress up! So choose wisely! (a post about how to choose is coming up in a while stay tuned)

As for the hair and makeup you should find a haircut that doesn’t take you longer than 10 minutes to fix it and learn how to maintain it from your hairdresser!  Volume removal fixed my problem for example!  🙂 As for the make up you have to find the one you would like to do every morning and find an online tutorial on how to do it. See it as a game and practice during your spare time!  By knowing what to do No how much time you need to do it you will be organized and fabulous! 

One final advise regarding the clothes. If you have picked up from the night before what you’ll wear you won’t be anxious and frustrated in the morning! 😉


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