Rockabilly style for women





One of my favorite styles is this one! Rockabilly began as a type of music in the 1950s that combined rock ‘n’ roll and hillbilly (country) music. Even you are not fun of this type of music (something almost impossible…Just listen to one song and you will get hooked!!!) you can see that the dressing style is simply amazing!
High waisted shorts, skirt and trousers combined with cute tops are a must for any girl that wants to adapt this look. You have to remember that rockabilly girls have a way of looking sexy but sweet at the same time!
Skater dresses are also a great choice! High heel pumps and also a pair of athletic shoes for the everyday outfits! Tattoos are optional…
As you can see from the photos the hair color should be very bold from icy blonde to total black you have to remember that it has to be intense! Also hairbands are a necessary detail…
Have a great day everybody!!! 🙂



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