Changing lifestyle

Γειά σας! Έχω καιρό να γράψω το ξέρω οπότε είπα να επανέλθω δυναμικά με νέες αποφάσεις! Αρχικά αποφάσισα τα άρθρα πλέον να τα γράφω και ελληνικά έκτος από αγγλικά! 🙂 Επίσης θέλω να ξεκινήσω μία προσπάθεια να βελτιώσω την καθημερινότητα μου, με καλύτερη διατροφή, γυμναστική και χόμπι που να με εμπνέουν και να με γεμίζουν…

Over the knee boots 

Hi everyone! Hope you are doing well! 🙂 Today I thought to talk to you about my newest favorite trend the over the knee boots! Even though when they first came out they were almost all of them with high heels and for evening wear nowadays there is such a great variety of colors, heel…

October bests 

Hi everyone!! Long time no see! Just to bring you up to date I thought to create a post with my latest news! 🙂 Well first of all it was a little hectic at work these days and my free time was limited! Nevertheless that didn’t stop me from spending a little time with my…

Cherrybox volume 2

Hi guys! After some trip osts I thought to share with you an unboxing post as well!

From Dublin with love

Hi everyone, during the first week of my vacations in August I had the chance to visit my friend Kate to Dublin where see works and lives almost a year now.

Exploring Syros

During August I had the chance to make 2 awesome trips. One of the destinations was the island of Syros.

7 Secrets to travel like a Pro

How many times have you traveled and you felt that you are lost? Your bag is too big to carry, or it is a such a mess and you cannot find your things anywhere, you always end carrying more things that you can hold and you end up frustrated.  Did I just describe all of…

Cherrybox unboxing

Hi everyone!! Continueing the unboxing for this month we will see the first Cherrybox I got!! 🙂

Glowbox unboxing volume 3

Hi everyone it’s time for a new unboxing! First stop this month is the third Glowbox I got! 🙂