Budapest weekend away part 1

Finally I had the chance to visit the amazing city of Budapest and even though it was only for a weekend I had a great time. We were also lucky enough to be there during a national holiday and so we had the chance to see some amazing fireworks as well! Here are some photos…

Silia D. Sandals

One of the best things of staying in Athens in August are the offers in the shops. Since not many people are here you have the chance to look around and when you decide to buy something, you are not worried that it will be already gone! That’s how I ended up buying these 3…

Mantoudi vacations 

Hello everyone!! I just came back from a weekend away at Mantoudi a small village in Evoia! I had a great time!!!🙂 Here are some photos from my trip!  Where did you go or are you planning on going this summer???

Ojo sunglasses

Now that the weather is getting better and better new glasses are mandatory! So I went to Ojo sunglasses in Nea Smyrni and I found out for this amazing offer. You choose 2 sunglasses and you only pay for the more expensive one! Needless to say that I was excited and try to find the…

Spetses trip

Just before Easter I found a little time to take a trip at Spetses! This time of the year even though it is not warm enough for the beach it is amazing to just relax and fill your batteries! Here are some photos from the trip! Where are you going for the holidays???😀

Short Bob hairstyle

My new hair goal! When you decide to grow out a pixie cut the transitional phase maybe a little challenging but if I keep my eyes on the goal I hope in a few months to have eventually an awesome short bob!!😀

Nice day for a car ride in Kabouri

Today the weather is simply amazing so what better way to cherish it from going on a car ride near the beach. More specifically we went at Kabouri to breathe a little fresh air!😀

Tiny tattoos

As you already know I love tattoos and lately a new trend is the tiny tattoos. They are so beautiful and due to their small size you can do them almost everywhere without being seen! So I thought to share with you some of my favorite ones that I found on pinterest! Which one do…

Bohemian style

  Bohemian style by danai12 featuring a silver necklace Short sleeve t shirt €15 – Zara cropped jeans €44 – Withchic €24 – Lucky Brand wedge sandals €84 – Diane Von Furstenberg studded purse €285 – Hipanema silver necklace €49 – Monki tortoise shell glasses €13 –


  244 by danai12 featuring a pink sweater Chinti and Parker pink sweater €210 – Sonia by Sonia Rykiel high-rise shorts €295 – MICHAEL Michael Kors handbags tote €400 – wieca Autumn Leaf €1,76 –